The Mayflower rose
AUStilly; Austin 2001; Pink multi petalled shrub rose


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The Mayflower rose

The Mayflower rose is a front-of-the-border bloom machine. Though it is said to reach about four feet tall, here it has only made two feet as it has been far too busy pumping out flowers to bother with gaining size.

It starts blooming very early, and never rests. Though individual blooms blow quickly, they are immediately replaced by the next. Deadheading is quick and easy, and is necessary for the plant to look its nicest, but bloom production is just as fast without any such attention. Though some have reported that the blooms turn brown without opening, in my climate that is not the case - even in our wettest year in 40 years when other plants are balling, The Mayflower is early, productive and quite perfect.

The Mayflower rose shrub

The Mayflower rose in situ. File#D2763

~ Photography and comment from Christine, Reno, NV 2009 ~

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