Moon Shadow
Varietal Name:JAClaf ;Hybrid Tea,J&P 1996


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Moon Shadow rose bush
Moon Shadow rose bush in Christine's garden, with Lace Cascade and America File#_D4319 (Susan)

The Moon Shadow rose has formed a strong, moderately tall, urn shaped bush in my garden. The negative is that the blooms have a tendency to wash out and to blow quickly in the mid-summer sun. These faults are countered by its generous bloom and by astonishing the color it can sometimes attain - a deep, dusky, smoky lavender. Even when its gorgeous moments are fairly brief, they are intensely special, and the waves of buds in a flush give a good, extended show. The sooner the clusters of heavy hips are removed, the sooner it will produce its lavish rebloom - ample satisfaction for the effort.

An aging, but beautiful bloom from the mauve rose Moon Shadow. File#24  
Moon Shadow rose
Moon Shadow File#_i2239

Planting in more shade in hopes of improving color and bloom form doesn't help at all - this only results in a weak plant which barely blooms. That, in fact, is just about the only response my roses give to too much shade. If the blooms blow in sun, well at least there are blooms to blow.

And so Moon Shadow earns its keep well enough to stay firmly in my garden.
-Christine 2008-

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