12:12 p.m. 30/06/2008 Evelyn rose from David Austin


An exceptionally lovely apricot blend David Austin rose, illustrated here
with many lovely pictures and comment from the gardener.

Evelyn. AUSsaucer, David Austin 1991,Class.Shrub rose, apricot blend, fruity fragrance

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Evelyn rose
Evelyn File#_d8462

Rosa Evelyn from David Austin. . Bred from Tamora x Graham Thomas we see the typical Austin cupped /rosette form in the progeny. These pictures are all taken in Christine's garden, Reno NV. Her comments below.

Evelyn is known for the beauty of the blooms, for their fragrance and for being stingy with sharing them. The plant has a neat vase shape at the base, then reaches both up and out. In my garden, it grows to about seven feet tall with some canes spreading about the same width. Basals are produced readily, and throw candelabras of bloom - bearing huge, lush, drooping panicles of apricot-pink blossoms. Older canes tend to bloom with single buds, or in twos and threes.

Evelyn Rose Bush #p5210113  

Evelyn #d8832

Here we have an Evelyn rose bush pictured here in a garden setting. The blooms are large and a bush in full bloom has magnetic appeal. The yellow rose Easy Going and the yellow native columbine also feature in these photographs.

My spring bloom on Evelyn is simply gorgeous, and repeat is quite good. This is particularly fortunate as it was planted for two reasons - first that I love the look and the color of the blooms, and second that it honors a dear, departed friend of the same name. It would be a sad affair if looking at this memorial rose gave a bittersweet mix of pleasure and disappointment, but not so here. Not at all.

Evelyn #d0941  

Evelyn #1772  

File #d0235  

File #3322  

So many Austins are great garden roses in some climates, yet not in others - it is likely that this is yet another of the Austins which really need winter cold to perform well. So while many gardeners call Evelyn a diva, in my climate Evelyn truly is divine.


Evelyn #p8070051  

And finally, a cluster of Evelyn, hopefully capturing the allure of this lovely rose

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