2:32 p.m. 25/06/2008 Black Boy rose bush at the ARBG -Just Our Pictures


Black Boy rose
Deep Red. Large Flowered Climber.Strong Fragrance. Alister Clark, Australia 1919.


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Black Boy rose bush
The old red climber Black Boy at the Auckland Regional Botanical garden 2007. File#_D2993; Photographer: Susan

A vigorous and healthy Black Boy rose bush, blooming freely, framed by New Zealand native cabbage trees and ferns, and carpeted with violet Johnny Jump-Ups.

A transformation has taken place at the Auckland Regional Botanical rose garden of recent years. Formal beds of trial roses have been replaced with natural groupings of roses and perennials. Spraying for disease is a thing of the past. Roses are therefore chosen for their ability to withstand disease and as such this garden is a wonderful resource for the rose growers in Auckland. It is easy to see which roses do well here.

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