Baronne Prevost
Class: Hybrid Perpetual; Deprez 1842
Pink blend. Pictured in Christine's Reno NV garden


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Baronne Prevost rose
Baronne Prevost at Kauri Creek.

Baronne Prevost has a nice enough spring bloom, and starts early enough to bring a reasonable amount of pleasure to early spring, but soon it is overshadowed by more floriferous roses opening all around it. That is where the positives end.

No matter what I do, no matter how I cut it or water it or fertilize it, there is no repeat bloom whatsoever. Then I hear tell how it reblooms elsewhere. This has been the motivation for giving it ample opportunity to do so, but to absolutely no avail. I will eventually tire of this game it plays with me and rip it out. I can live with once bloomers which bloom once. I cannot abide a purported repeat bloomer which so stubbornly thumbs its nose at me.

Baronne Prevost bush
Baronne Prevost bush -File# D2639.

Baronne Prevost rose spray
Baronne Prevost rose spray -File# I7233.

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