Here's to the Abraham Darby rose
Varietal name: AUScot; orange pink shrub rose; English rose, fragrant; File#6533


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Abraham Darby rose bush
Abraham Darby rose bush File #Img0711

Check out this wonderful Abraham Darby rose growing at an entrance to an old villa in Wellington, blooming early as it does. This image should give you an idea of the size and spread you can expect from this rose bush.

The rose Abraham Darby is a mix of variable pinks and apricots, all rumpled up in its blousy multi petalled Austin way.

Abraham Darby rose #D6533  

Abraham Darby #P7250013  

The close up of Abraham Darby on the left shows the rich colours seen in this rose in New Zealand, while the photo on the right is taken in Reno with its more extreme temperatures. Is it more colorful in cooler climates, or is this variation a seasonal thing? Christine?

Christine notes from Reno: 1. My first plant was purchased at the very tail end of a selling season so was a weak plant. 2. It is planted in a large pot in a less than optimal spot where it really gets too much shade. I have never felt confident that this plant is showing me what Abraham Darby can do, so I bought and planted another in summer 2007. There is now a nice plant growing in full sun, decent soil, and a good plant to start with. I will be observing it this coming season and will know more.


A year ago I planted a new plant of Abraham Darby in good soil, in a sun-blessed location. Though I had grown this plant for many years in a too-shady spot, it had always been a weak grower, never recovering properly from a poor start. Since so many people think highly of this rose, I felt it deserved another chance in my garden.

A year later, I can say without reservations that Abraham Darby is an astonishingly good rose in my climate! It is currently five feet wide and three and a half feet tall, and is simply loaded with bloom. The canes are very well branched with every branch tip having at least one bloom, with some bearing up to five. The blooms are definitely more pink than apricot but the fully opened blooms have an apricot cast in the inner petals, allowing the plant to blend beautifully with true apricot roses.

The fact that Abraham Darby truly needs huge doses of sunlight is demonstrated by the fact that despite having a full, even circle of canes, every single bloom faces the direction of the strong, hot afternoon sun. Noting this, I realize that my too-shaded plant just never had a chance. In one year, this new plant has absolutely proven the worth of this variety. No wonder so many people love it, and now, I do too.

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